Q: What's your EIN?

Legal Name: Cut and Sew LLC
EIN: 87-4669477

Q: I'm looking to buy a sewing machine.  What do you recommend?

We have two brother models in the studio (CS6000i and 7000x) and love them both.  The 7000x is a great machine that is very beginner friendly but can also grow with a sewist as you learn new things and want to do more.  It has features that make it a safer option for new and young sewists, and the price point is reasonable at $220.  See more here.

Q: What kind of donations do you accept?

Read all about it here!

Q: I have fabric to donate.  What's the smallest size fabric you'll take?

A: The smallest size fabric we like to put in our Previously Loved section is a quarter yard cut, whether it's a Fat Quarter or a Skinny Quarter (terrible names, I know.  But what else are they called?).  We'd rather not take your smaller scraps because we'll be generating plenty of our own and they're time consuming to use up!  If you have unusable fabric scraps check out FabScrap's textile recycling program

Q: Do you want / will you take my old sewing machine?

A: If your sewing machine works properly and comes with all the necessary parts to sew, then yes!  We'll take your old machine and sell it in our Previously Loved section.  If it's been sitting around gathering dust for a while please clean it up a bit before you bring it in.  Just send us a message through the website, an email (cutandsew.phl@gmail.com), or stop in during shop hours to set up your drop off. 

Q: Can I trade time for studio/longarm rental time?

A: Yes!  If you'd like to come help at the shop in exchange for rental time on our machines we'll find something for you to do!  Possible jobs include cleaning, washing windows, cutting fabric scraps into usable pieces, preparing donations for the Previously Loved section, etc.  Just reach out to set up a shift ahead of time (cutandsew.phl@gmail.com).

Q: Why don't you have more fabric options?

A: We chose to invest in our longarm machine right off the bat when opening and decided to build up our quilt shop and fabric offerings over time.  We currently carry a large selection of Kona Cottons and will continue to add to our collection and, when the time is right, we may expand and carry other fabric lines, too.  Lucky for you (and for us!), there are two other fabric shops right down Germantown Ave called Needles and Bolts and Gaffney Fabrics!