tiered pricing

We offer a three-tier pricing model on certain offerings as a way to make our studio accessible to all who are interested in learning something new, practicing their craft, and being in community with like-minded fiber-loving folx.  

The tiers make explicit the true cost, while offering those with the means the opportunity to support those for whom the discounted community rate is the best option. (source)

  • Community Rate - Discounted
  • Sustainer Rate - Pays for your spot (true cost)
  • Supporter Rate - Supports others as well as yourself

To access the Community Rate, please use the code COMMUNITYRATE at checkout to take 25% off of classes and workshops. (If for some reason it doesn’t work please email us at cutandsew.phl@gmail.com). If the Community Rate still doesn’t make our offerings financially accessible to you please reach out to us.

For the Supporter Rate, each time you check out on the website it will give you the opportunity to contribute to the Community Fund (in lieu of a “tip” at checkout). If you’d like to contribute without buying something through our website, please use our Venmo: @cutandsewphl

Inspired by the work of Michelle Johnson by way of Wanderwell Consulting.